You’ve been cooking your Brussels sprouts wrong – cook them until they’re crispy

You’ve been cooking your Brussels sprouts wrong – cook them until they’re crispy

Could the key to making Brussels sprouts palatable be to cook them in an air fryer? One cooking expert has suggested a different method of cooking the divisive vegetable

Come December 25, plates will be piled high with Brussels sprouts – but not everyone will be happy about it.

They’re arguably one of the most divisive parts of a Christmas dinner, but it’s important to feature some green amongst the piles of carbs we consume.

If you’re looking for a new way to prepare them, one cooking expert, that specialises in low-carb dishes, has a suggestion.

Instead of over-boiling them until they become green mush, she suggests a method that keeps the Christmas vegetable crispy.

Jackie Hartlaub, who runs the account LowCarbStateofMind, shared a video of her cooking the green spherical balls, which begins with her shelling and microwaving them.

She then lies them on a baking tray and used the bottom of a bowl to “smash” and flatten them into patties.

Jackie then seasons them with oil, salt, pepper and garlic granules and pops them in the air fryer.

She said: “One of my favourite ways to cook Brussels sprouts is to smash them and then throw them in my air fryer.”

“I air-fried these at 275 degrees for 10-12 min per side and then cranked the heat up to 350 and AF (air fry) till crispy on each side (maybe 10 more min total),” she wrote.

In response to the video, viewers were quick to thank Jackie for the alternative way to cook the sprout.

“My husband LOVED them and I actually tried a brussels sprout for the first time!,” one person wrote, while another asked: “How did I wake up craving Brussels sprouts?”

A third commented: “I regret how much of my life I was sleeping on sprouts. Put a little honey in your sauce next time, take it to a whole new level.

But other people were less convinced by the cooking method, with one writing: “When you microwaved them, I could smell them through the phone.”