I invited my mate for Xmas so she wasn’t alone – she then asked four others’

I invited my mate for Xmas so she wasn’t alone – she then asked four others’

A woman who invited her friend over to join her Christmas Day was left flabbergasted after the cheeky guest then tried to bring four extra people to the big day

It can be a touchy subject, where you’ll be spending Christmas Day.

Normally this is down to family politics, or a desire to avoid them as much as possible.

One woman who invited her friend over on Christmas Day found herself in a rather unusual situation however, after her mate then invited four other people to join them.

Posting to Mumsnet, she shared asked if it was unreasonable for her to have then promptly uninvited the friend for being so cheeky.

Afte extending the invite, it turns out the woman wants to bring her three children, and her ex, who she constantly argues with.

Explaining the complicated situation, she wrote “We’re both immigrants so have a much closer friendship as we don’t have family here in the country we live in.

“Friend would normally spend Christmas with us. She met a guy a few years ago and he came too in 2019 as his kids were with their mother. Last year everyone stayed home.

“This year friend decided to go to her home country as she now has a baby, although she split from the dad last year. She now can’t go as Covid is kicking off again so is coming to ours like normal

“Except this morning I got a text from her letting me know that her ex has his kids this Christmas so it’ll be the five of them at mine.”

The woman didn’t hold back, as she bluntly responded to her friend: “I messaged her back saying: “WTF? She’s always welcome but he wasn’t invited.

“She’s just rung me and is really annoyed/upset as of course her ex wants to spend Christmas with his children.

“Great, let him crack on with it. But not at my house and at my expense.”

She continued: “I’ll be honest, pre Covid I would probably have agreed to it as we always had lots of extras for Christmas (30-40 people) but things are different now.”

She added: “They can argue about anything. I’ve witnessed it. They’d bicker about whether the kids had 5 sprouts on the plate or 4.”

Adding to the complicated situation, the woman’s daughter is immunocompromised, so the mum had already decided to limit Christmas Day to her immediate family and solo friend, in a bid to minimise the Covid risk.

Asking for advice as she admitted she felt “guilty”, people flooded her with support on the parenting forum.

One mum bluntly wrote: “Five people at your expense?! Who are likely to p*** each other off and argue? Haha, no thanks!”

Another wrote: “Don’t feel bad about it, your friend is being an entitled pain in the arse. I’m sure she and her ex and his children will have a lovely Christmas at hers. Or his. Wherever. Not your problem.”