I gave a couple tattoos of each other’s faces – then they dropped a bombshell’

I gave a couple tattoos of each other’s faces – then they dropped a bombshell’

Jenna Boyter, a Florida-based tattoo artist, is often asked about the “weirdest” tattoo she’s ever done – and her hilarious story contains a jaw-dropping twist

Deciding to get a tattoo is a big decision, and one that shouldn’t be made on a whim.

But if you decide to be inked, you had better be sure you love the thing you’re imprinting on yourself – because if you want to have it removed, it’ll cost you time, money and a lot of pain.

Tattoo artists around the world have surely seen some incredible things throughout their career and no doubt have inked a few people who ended up regretting their decision.

Nonetheless, when they’re asked to do their job by eager punters, they diligently follow through with the task at hand.

One tattoo artist on TikTok has shared a jaw-dropping story of a couple who came into her shop for tattoos – and the tale comes with a twist.

Jenna Boyter, who is based in Florida, begins her video by saying she’s often asked about the weirdest tattoo she’s ever done.

At the beginning of her story, she admits she rarely tells people about clients with seemingly “weird” tattoos because, “who am I to judge?”

But, insisting this is a great story, she begins and the viewer buckles in for a wild ride.

Firstly, she says the tattoo shop she used to work at is located next to a popular bar – meaning she saw a few people stumble in after a tipple for a tattoo.

“It wasn’t uncommon for people to get a few drinks in them and then think that they wanted to get tattoos so they would come over to the shop,” she said.

Describing a “lovely couple” that came in to see her one day, she said: “They seemed really excited. They were super cute.

“They said they wanted to get portraits tattooed of each other.

“I was like, ‘I don’t do portraits so that isn’t going to be me who does that for you’.”

She added the pair were insistent they wanted Jenna to do their tattoos, and even helped her out by telling her they’d drawn the designs already.

The pair told Jenna they’d drawn “stick figure portraits” of each other on napkins, and each wanted the other person’s portrait tattooed on their wrist.

Describing it as “the cutest thing I’ve ever seen,” Jenna obliged and did the tattoos – which she shows in a photo.

Jenna learnt more about the couple while inking each of them, asking several questions.

“Halfway through I’m talking to them and they’re telling me about their engagement plans, their soon-to-be blended family, and I’m like, ‘well how did you guys meet’?”

Then Jenna drops the ultimate bombshell.

“Y’all, they met yesterday,” she says.

The funny tale has racked up 150,000 likes from people who can’t believe what they’re hearing.

In the comments section, Jenna clarified: “To be fair they did say they’d chatted on the phone previously, wishing them all the love.”